5 Reasons Why You Should Regularly Exfoliate Your Skin

Okay, so how many of you routinely exfoliate your skin? If you do, then you know what true skincare self-love is all about!

If you don’t – how many of you intend to, because you know you should – but don’t honestly see the point in it? The truth is, there’s plenty of us who think that way.

But, little did you know, the benefits of exfoliating your skin are practically overwhelming – no matter what your skin type. If you suffer from common skin problems such as dry or blemished skin, uneven skin tone or clogged pores – these are all easily treatable simply by exfoliating.

Here are 5 clinically proven benefits of using an exfoliator:

1. Creates healthy, glowing skin

By gently scrubbing your skin, this will eliminate dry and dead skin cells to ultimately create a softer, smoother outcome. This allows your makeup and fake tan to not only glide like a dream but blend more beautifully. It also increases your blood circulation to give a healthier, refreshed-looking face.

While exfoliation is important, it’s also important not to over-do it and strip away your body’s necessary natural oils. Therefore, to achieve the perfect balance, it is recommended that you exfoliate twice a week.

2. Minimises pores

Pores are tiny openings in the face which expand to accommodate a build-up of dirt or dead skin. If you do not exfoliate, your pores will continue to grow and become more visible, even underneath makeup!

However, the more you exfoliate, the more you remove the dirt from your pores which helps them shrink and gives your face a flawless, airbrushed look.

3. Reduces breakouts and acne

We have all at some point in our lives been prone to breakouts – some worse than others.

As a way of combatting those irritable and unwanted pimples as well as reducing the risk of acne-type spots – exfoliating your skin can help unclog pores and eradicate excess oil which are the main culprits for causing temperamental breakouts.

4. Counteracts wrinkles

When you wear makeup over dry or dead skin cells, this can often cause difficulty with blending and create a noticeable layering effect which magnifies facial lines that could otherwise be minimized.

Exfoliating essentially removes these troublesome skin cells so that they don’t deepen your facial lines, and by bringing the blood to your skin’s surface, this will create a fuller and more youthful appearance.

5. Maximizes the potential of other products

The reason exfoliation is so crucial to your skin’s wellbeing is because without it, all the other steps in your skincare routine will be less effective.

By tackling those blocked pores and scrubbing those dead or dry skin cells – your face literally becomes a blank canvas for whatever you decide to place on it next. This means that a rich moisturizer or light cleanser will be able to successfully penetrate the deep layers of your skin – giving it that luxury treatment it rightly deserves.

So, could exfoliating possibly be the world’s easiest game-changer for your skin regime? It sure does sound like it!

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